Launching Garland’s Tight Buffer Fibre Cable Range

Madison Express is proud to announce the new Garland branded Tight Buffer Indoor/Outdoor fibre cable as a high-quality addition to the Garland fibre range. Made with a LSZH construction and a UV rated jacked, the cables can be used for indoor and protected outdoor applications.

The cable is available in all standard fibre types including single mode and OM1, OM3 and OM4 multimode. The jackets are colour coded orange, aqua, violet and yellow to allow for easy identification of the fibre used.

The Tight Buffer Fibre cable is feature-rich and fit for the Australian market.


  • 900 micron tight buffered fibre
  • LSZH construction
  • UV rated jacket
  • Water-blocked for underground use
  • Suitable for indoor and protected outdoor applications*
  • Standard colour coded jackets
  • Common sizes held in stock and cut to order
  • Custom sizes and colours available upon request

As with all Garland Pro Series products, this new range of Tight Buffer Fibre cable is Green Star compliant thereby allowing it to be used in the most discerning of installations.

*Note: Use of tight buffer type cables in outdoor environments should take into account potential hazards. Whilst Garland’s GTB cables are UV stabilised and water blocked as per RCM requirements for an outdoor cable, exposure to extreme conditions may impede their performance.