Global Components Shortage – Moxa Update for Customers

Madison Express would like to update Moxa Customers, that due to the pandemic, there is a global, industry-wide shortage of semiconductor materials and components.

Over the past 30 years, the Madison Group has successfully navigated through unprecedented times. Our resilience as a business, and that of our customers and partners continues to be tested as the impact of a global components shortage is felt across the world.

Importantly, we want to assure you that we are taking steps to mitigate order delays from our global brands. We have increased stock holdings on our shelves and our logistics teams are working in close consultation with suppliers. Our Customer Support teams are on hand to help with order enquiries and alternate product selections.

Despite Madison Express putting measures in place, the component shortage is a global issue with no known end in sight. We encourage customers to be extra vigilant with order planning, especially where critical communications are required, and work with our team to keep track of delivery expectations.

Madison Express aims to keep customers informed, providing open and transparent information from our suppliers as information becomes available.

As an Australian distributor of the global industrial connectivity supplier, Moxa, we wanted to inform our customers of the situation with Moxa specifically.

Notice from Moxa Inc.
Due to the pandemic and a number of regional events, there is a global, industry-wide shortage of semiconductor materials and components. The situation is getting progressively worse, and the supply chain situation is getting increasingly tight.

What is the impact for Moxa?

  • Order lead times and costs for some critical components in products are significantly increasing.
  • A new Order Fulfillment Process will be implemented globally.

What is the impact for customers?

  • Order lead times for products will be extended and are subject to change.
  • Delivery schedules cannot be guaranteed due to the constrained supply situation.
  • All Moxa orders will be subject to the new Order Fulfillment Process.
  • Until further notice all Moxa orders are non-cancellable.

About Moxa’s new Order Fulfillment Process

As of 24 May 2021, all Moxa orders (via distributors such as Madison Express and others), will be subject to the new Order Fulfillment Process, which has been implemented to manage the global parts shortage and extended product lead times.

Processes includes:

  • Orders handled by Moxa in monthly batches.
  • Order assessment process before orders are confirmed.
  • Lead times and shipping information provided is subject to change.

For more information contact our team on 1800 66 99 99 or speak to your local Sales Representative.