Elegar Kerpen Kabel

Leoni Cable Solutions India becomes Elegar Kerpen Kabel India

Madison Express is the exclusive distributor of Elegar Kerpen Kabel India Pvt. Ltd. in Australia and New Zealand. Formerly Leoni Cable Solutions India Pvt. Ltd, Elegar Kerpen Kabel are the experts in manufacturing world-class cable solutions for measurement and control applications suitable for every industrial application.

Elegar Kerpen Kabel, under its ICON brand offers a comprehensive product range meeting diverse electrical, thermal, mechanical, safety and environmental requirements in the global market.

Elegar-Kerpen India Pvt. Ltd. has a long history in the development and manufacture of cables and can trace its history back to 1928 when original parent company Leoni started the production of enamelled wire in Europe. Leoni Cable Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd. was formed in 2013 and began production in 2014 as part of an ‘emerging markets’ strategy. It developed E-Beam cross linking in 2017 and this facility now uses a CrossFire crosslinking process that results in a more uniform and reliable cross linked product. Approvals for many local and international road, rail and rolling stock authorities followed, and have been carried over to the new Elegar Kerpen brand.

Madison Express, as sole distributor of Elegar Kerpen Kabel in Australia and New Zealand, can consult, design and offer standard and bespoke instrumentation, control and power cables for various industries through its large distribution network.

The Elegar Kerpen Kabel India Pvt. Ltd. cables Product Range consists of:

  • ICON Base
  • ICON Flex
  • ICON Safe
  • ICON Chem
  • ICON Bus
  • ICON Arctic
  • Power & Control cables

To discuss the full range, contact our team on 1800 66 99 99, or send us an enquiry.

ICON Range by application

Instrumentation and Control

Elegar Kerpen Kabel India Pvt. Ltd. - ICON Base Pic

Reliable instrumentation and control cable for all standard industrial applications.

Flexible Control Application cables

Elegar Kerpen Kabel India Pvt. Ltd. - ICON Flex Pic

Flexible cables for control applications of machines & tools.

Fire Retardant/Protected

Elegar Kerpen Kabel India Pvt. Ltd. - ICON Safe Pic

Instrumentation cables for critical applications with special requirements, protection of human life, high-value material assets and maintenance of functionality.

Instrumentation cables involving
aggressive media

Elegar Kerpen Kabel India Pvt. Ltd. - ICON Chem Pic

Instrumentation cables for applications in aggressive environments.

Automation/Bus cables

Elegar Kerpen Kabel India Pvt. Ltd. - ICON Bus Pic

A wide range of bus cable types designed for various bus systems, available in standard and bespoke designs.

Instrumentation cables

Elegar Kerpen Kabel India Pvt. Ltd. - ICON Arctic Pic

Designed for the extreme cold with superior flame retardancy behaviour.



Power, Thermocouple & Special Applications cables

Elegar Kerpen Kabel India Pvt. Ltd. - Power & Control cables Pic
Various copper, mining, instrumentation and power cables.