Optical Fibre

Madison Express offers a large range of optical fibre cabling solutions and connectivity accessories.
Single mode fibre, multimode fibre and fibre trays are all part of our range.

Tight Buffered Cable

Tight buffered cable is used for indoor/outdoor applications. Common core counts are 6, 12 and 24 fibre in either single mode or multimode fibre. Single mode fibre is usually G657A1 which is a bend insensitive grade that is compatible with the normal G652D used for protected outdoor applications. Multimode versions are available in OM1, OM3 and OM4.

Loose Tube Cable

Loose Tube Cable consists of jelly-filled hard plastic tubes that are extruded around a bundle of 6 or 12 fibres. Madison Express’ own brand Garland, offers a range of various loose tube constructions for a variety of applications. The standard PE/Nylon jacketed version is used for normal applications. For rodent protection, either glass yarns, GRP or CSTA offer increased protection. For highly reactive soils, a 6KN tensile strength version is available.

Fibre Optic Connectivity

Connectors, patch leads, pigtails and FOBOTS in both single mode connectivity and multi mode connectivity are available from Garland and R&M.

For field termination, mechanical connectors and splices are available. For simple installations, pre-terminated fibre cable in either loose tube (GTLT) or tight buffer (GTTB) is available, subject to length limitations. Garland’s GTLT and GTTB can be structurally tailored to your specific requirements.