Data Racks & Accessories

Madison Express has a range of data racks and accessories from Garland designed with flexibility and effortless installation in mind. Racks come fully assembled and with the convenience of castors and levelling feet, floor racks can be easily positioned on-site.

Data racks are equipped with four entry points on the roof and two on the base, along with removable and lockable side panels. In addition, adjustable rails offer versality making them customisable, to suit most requirements. The Floor Rack range is available in two door specifications, with options for multiple heights, widths, and depths.

Floor Rack assemblies consist of fan units, castors & leveling feet and glass/metal door, or mesh door options. All floor racks have a very generous 1,000 kg static load limit.

Patch Panel Wall Cabinets are available in 3 sizes and are perfect for locations with constrained spaces. Wall Racks come in a range of sizes and depths. Wall Rack assemblies include glass doors, as well as removable and lockable sides. They also feature adjustable rails and an optional reversible swing frame.

Fan Tray units are specifically designed for Garland wall and floor racks. These units include a thermostat and a 1.8 metres long cord, ensuring excellent efficiency and cooling ability.

An assortment of 19” blanking panels, cable managers, baying tabs, mounted shelves, plus drawers and floor plinths are available in various styles and sizes.