Fire Alarm products

Madison Express has a range of fire alarm cables and smoke alarms, from Garland.

Fire Alarm Cables

The range includes the standard 1 pair 0.5sqmm, 1.0sqmm and 1.5sqmm PVC/PVC type cables as well as figure eight style cable. Also available are IEC or BS rated LAN and data cables from Garland.

onGard™ Smoke Alarms

The Garland onGard™ range of smoke alarms provide protection for every situation. With several photo-sensing and ionisation models, there is an alarm to suit every application. Powering options include 240V mains, battery only, and long-life battery units, where the 240V units can be interconnected. An option also exists for wireless interconnection, when running additional wires in the alarm system or network is not viable.