Speaker cables

Madison Express’ range of speaker cables includes Figure Eight and Double Insulated cable, dedicated for larger speaker applications.

For smaller sizes refer to the Security section in Our Products menu.

Figure Eight

Figure eight speaker cable is used for short run applications. Available in a variety of conductor sizes from 63/0.2mm all the way through to 322/0.2mm. They are typically PVC insulated in a figure-8 configuration. Each leg can be identified by either the moulding on the side or alternatively, by the printing on one of the legs.

Double Insulated

For long distance applications such as for PA systems, 100V speakers or step-up speaker systems, double insulated cables are preferred. They are constructed of two individual conductors, each one insulated and then covered by an overall jacket. They come in a variety of sizes from 16/0.3mm all the way up to 65/0.3mm. Other sizes are available on request. The size is dependent on the distance from, as well as the power output required to the end speaker.  Speaker polarity is retained due to the different colours of the insulated wires within the jacketed cable.