Industrial cables and accessories

Madison Express has a large range of cable products for the industrial market, offering an industrial cable and accessory to suit every application.

Control & Instrumentation

The Control & Instrumentation range we stock is from Garland. It includes 0.5mm2 and 1.5mm2 cable, suitable for 20 mA control systems operating at under 150V. These cables are available in a variety of options including overall screened and individually and overall screened with or without armour. If required, the cable can be tested for intrinsic safety and provided with necessary blue jacket for these applications.

For more sophisticated systems, industrial bus, serial data and DMX lighting control applications, control and instrumentation cables by Garland can be used in the most discerning of installations.

Shot Fire Cable

This cable is suitable for mining applications. Available in either 0.6mm or 0.7mm conductor sizes and in various pack sizes. Alternately, Madison Express can also custom design a shot fire cable to your specific requirements.

3M Tapes & Accessories

A range of 3M tapes and accessories for jointing, repairing and sealing cables is available. The range includes Temflex PVC tapes, Scotch Vinyl Tapes, glass tapes, self-fusing tapes, rubber and rubber mastic tapes and insulation putty tapes. As well as tapes, the portfolio also includes Coldshrink tubing, Armourcast repair kits and constant pressure springs. Scotchcast jointing kits and sealing resins are also available.