Established in Australia over 45 years ago, Garland Cables is a well-known and respected brand in Australia’s cabling industry.

With an extensive range of communications, coaxial, data, security, telephone, instrumentation, and fibre cables, as well as respective accessories and tools, Garland provides the backbone for many critical networks throughout Australia.

From simple bell wire to high end Optical Fibre cable, copper jacks to field installable optical connectors, internal MDF’s, comms room DataRacks to external IPX rated enclosures, Garland has a solution to get you connected.

Our product range includes:

Copper Cables:
Audio Visual, LAN & Data, Coaxial, Power, Security & Fire Control, Instrumentation, Telephone, Composite, and Traffic



Data Networking:
RJ45 Patch Leads (Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7 & 10GX), U/UTP & S/FTP Patch Leads, Optical Fibre Pigtails, Optical Fibre Patch Cords (SC, ST, FC, LC, & MPO), Harsh Environment (IP20 & IP67)



25 Pair Cat3, Power Sum, DSL, Pre-Terminated High Density Distribution Frame with Telco Tails, and DDF Test Leads



Fibre Cables:
Wide range of Multimode and Single Mode Optical Fibre, Indoor/Outdoor Riser, Tight Buffered Indoor/Outdoor, Loose Tube External, Steel Wire Armoured, Sacrificial Sheaths, Broadcast Deployable, Rodent Proof, Fire Rated and Pre-terminated Cable


Fibre Accessories:
FOBOTS including Rack Mount, Din Rail and wall mount, external splice closures, patch leads, pigtails, adaptors, field mount connectors, mechanical splices, splice cassettes, splice protectors, connector end face cleaners and fibre optic strippers and more


We can also custom design and manufacture cables to meet your exact requirements.

Whether it’s Environmentally Efficient Building, or another specific project, we can supply the right cabling system to your requirements. Garland Cables is owned by Madison Group Enterprises and distributed by Madison Express. When you contact Garland, you connect to the designer, manufacturer, importer and distributor.

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