Garland’s Rodent Proof Fibre cable

Breathe easy knowing you’re protected with Garland’s Rodent Proof Fibre Optic Cable.

The problem

Rodent attack is a major problem for optical fibre cables installed underground in unsealed or non-metallic conduits. Damage caused to fibre cables can be costly to repair, since it often requires digging up the cable and replacing the affected section. Rodent proof fibre cable is designed to be resistant to this type of damage. By using this cable, the need for frequent repairs and replacements is minimised, resulting in cost savings over time.

The solution

To increase the durability of rodent proof fibre cable, it is made with materials such as steel or Kevlar reinforcement. This ensures the cable is less likely to be chewed through or damaged by rodents, resulting in a longer lifespan, and a reduction of cable failure, which in turn means fewer disruptions in service and less downtime for repairs. Rodents can pose a safety hazard when they chew through fibre cables, as it can lead to electrical shorts or fires. Using this fibre cable, helps to mitigate this risk, ensuring a safer environment for both people and property.

Designed to be environmentally friendly, it also reduces the need for harmful rodenticides or traps to control rodent populations. By using rodent proof fibre cable, the negative impact on the environment is minimised.

Garland’s GLT-AZB fibre

Garland’s GLT-AZB fibre series offers the protection needed for your next Fibre Optic installation. Designed in Australia, the series has undergone and passed rigorous testing and is:

  • For use in ducts or direct burial applications
  • Non-metallic design suitable for use near power cables and in areas of high lightning strike rates
  • Available from fibre counts of 6 up to 144
  • Complies with TMR Queensland requirement

Rodent proof fibre cable offers numerous benefits, such as increased durability, improved reliability, cost savings, better safety, and environmental friendliness. By choosing Garland’s GLT-AZB fibre, you can ensure a more secure and reliable network infrastructure in your next project.