Security, surveillance and integration cabling solutions

As a result of the adoption of IP networking, traditional surveillance strategies are being remodeled. Madison Express sources and distributes specialist security and integration cabling solutions. We cater for every system, from alarms to access control to audio visual and CCTV.

We offer wired and wireless network infrastructure for commercial, industrial and mission-critical IP Security applications. Our stock and suppliers offer a wide range of IP CCTV Network products. We also cater for the huge demand in network solutions that provide secure connectivity for M2M devices.

Madison Express distributes end-to-end IP CCTV Network solutions designed to serve a multitude of industries. Our cables are designed for use with security systems, intercom, sound audio, monitoring and detection. We stock various core counts and wire gauges to suit in-building and inter-building applications. We can supply composite and Banana Peel® cables that reduce installation times on security, CCTV and access control systems by eliminating the need to pull several cables.

The security and integration product portfolio includes:


  • Motion Sensing
  • Video Monitoring & recording
  • Event Recording

Alarms & Intercoms

  • Warning Systems
  • Indicator Systems
  • Manual Trigger systems
  • Multicore Security
  • Multipair Security

Access Control

  • Door Control
  • Boom Gates
  • Vehicle Sensing

Building Automation

  • Networking
  • Instrumentation
  • Control

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