Madison Express has an extensive range of LAN cabling to suit a range of applications. PVC and LSZH-jacket options are available from Garland and R&M. The portfolio also includes connectivity and accessory products.

High speed termination options are available from Garland using custom tools.


Cat 5E Cable is typically used for residential and low bandwidth commercial applications. The extensive portfolio of Cat5E includes a low-cost PVC jacketed cable, coloured LSZH jacketed cable, and UV stabilised PE jacketed versions with or without jelly filling for outdoor or underground applications. Stranded conductor versions for patch cable manufacture are also available, as is the less common screened version. Cat5e Connectivity products including jacks, patch panels and patch leads can be supplied to complete an installation.


Cat6 Cable is used for 1 Gbit ethernet systems and is currently the standard for most applications. The extensive range of Cat6 UTP cable includes a PVC jacketed low-cost version, a higher quality LSZH version (available in many colours) and several UV stabilised PE jacketed versions for outdoor applications. (These include jelly filled versions for underground installations and armoured versions with nylon termite protection.)

A full range of Cat6 Connectivity products including jacks, patch panels, plugs and patch leads are available for most UTP installations.


Capable of 10 Gbit transmission, Cat6a is now the standard to support high bandwidth applications including HD and UHD video. At this bandwidth interference and crosstalk become a major consideration, and as such, screened options are offered. For those looking for a simpler installation, UTP options are also available. The wide range of Cat6a Cable available from Garland and R&M include options for UTP, F/UTP, U/FTP,  F/FTP and S/FTP. They are available in both screened and unscreened connectivity.

Since screened solutions result in stiffer patch leads, angled patch panels, as well as a unique flat patch panel with angled jacks are available for Cat6a Connectivity.

Beyond Cat6a

As the market changes and technology evolves, we are constantly adding new products to our range. Today, we offer Cat7 screened cable for those looking for a cable with a little bit extra.