Coax cable

Madison Express supports a range of coaxial cables for the broadcast, CATV, MATV and free-to-air industries.

The range features products from Madison Express’ own brand, Garland.

50 Ohm Coaxials

Used primarily for radio transmission, a range of common styles  of 50 Ohm coaxials including RG58 and RG213 are stocked locally, plus speciality options are available on a made-to-order basis. For higher power transmission, an RF-400 type cable is also available.

75 Ohm Coaxials

Finding use in any application related to video transmission, 75 Ohm coaxials are a popular choice. Variations of RG59, RG6 and RG11 styles are normally stocked and available in a number of popular configurations. These include dual, tri and quad screened versions with conductors of either solid copper for basedband video and MATV applications, or copper-clad-steel for free-to-air, CATV and Satellite TV applications. For special applications, PE jacketed and Siamese versions are also available.

For the broadcast industry, a variety of specialised coaxials including specific HDTV coaxials in miniature RG59 as well as RG59 and RG6 variants are available.

Custom Designs

Special coax cables with custom impedance values such as 80 Ohms can be developed and provided. Alternatively, a custom variation such as PE or LSZH jacket, special braid designs, or armouring can be provided subject to manufacturing capability. MoQ and lead time exclusions may apply.