Garland onGard Smoke Alarm Range

The Garland onGard Smoke Alarms range was developed in conjunction with Kidde, a leading manufacturer of fire and safety products. Feature-packed, the alarms offer a 10-year warranty, interconnecting capability and are available in three sensing technologies (photoelectric, ionisation and heat).

The 240V range features the Quick-Connect system. This reduces install time with no wire stripping. And it means no tools are required when replacing devices. The 240V Mains and Wireless alarms are interconnectable. This means when any one alarm is triggered, all interconnected alarms will also sound an immediate warning to alert all occupants throughout the home.

The range includes 5 models:

240V Models
• OG10: 240V Mains Powered Ionisation Smoke Alarm
• OG20: 240V Mains Powered Photoelectric Smoke Alarm
• OG20LL: 240V Mains Powered Photoelectric – Long Life Smoke Alarm

Wireless Model
• OG4000LDCS-WB: Wireless Interconnect Talking Smoke Alarm with Safety Light, Photoelectric

Battery Model
• OG1400: Battery Photoelectric Smoke Alarm

Garland onGard Smoke Alarms are compliant with Australian Standard AS3786:2014 and are ActiveFire registered.

Important Features
• 10-year warranty across the onGard range.
• Quick-Connect system for the 240V range allows for a quicker install time with no wire stripping, and no tools required when replacing devices.
• Interconnecting – all 240V alarms interconnect with up to 18 onGard hard-wired alarms. The Wireless alarm interconnects with up to 12 onGard wireless alarms.
• Tamper-resistant locking device helps prevent unauthorised alarm removal.
• Compliant with AS3786:2014 and ActiveFire registered

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