Introducing Garland Fire Rated Cat6A cable

Garland is proud to release their latest Cat6A offering, a fire rated screened cable

Cat6AFIRE is a fire rated screened cable by Garland for emergency and fire alarm applications. Using LSZH materials and fire barrier tapes, this screened product has been tested under fire conditions as per IEC 60331-23 for 120 minutes.*

The new product (part number: SFTPL6AHF) contains individually foil screened pairs with an overall braided screen providing excellent transmission performance under all conditions and eliminates concerns on alien crosstalk performance and interference from other cabling. This is particularly important under fire conditions where cables and support structures may move and separation distances or barriers may not be guaranteed.

Using LSZH materials throughout its construction, the cable also meets a variety of fire and flame related standards including IEC standard for flame propagation, smoke density and pH & conductivity of gases evolved under fire conditions. This fire rated cat6a cable has been specifically developed for use in indoor applications where consistency of communication services under fire conditions is a concern.

Available in 305m and 100m packs and a standard red jacket. Other jacket colour options and pack sizes are also available.


  • 120 mins fire rated per IEC 60331-23
  • Suitable for Cat5E, Cat6 and Cat6A installations
  • S/FTP construction
  • Meets IEC 60332-1 and IEC 60332-3 for flame propagation
  • Meets IEC 61034.1 and IEC 61034.2 for smoke density
  • Meets IEC 60754.2 for pH and conductivity of gases
  • Available in 100m and 305m packs

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*Actual survival time may vary depending on specific fire conditions