Designed to Order Cables from Garland

Garland has been well known for stocking and supplying a range of copper and fibre optic cables into the Australian market.

But, did you know Garland also has the ability to custom design products to meet your individual needs?

Customise your cable

Garland’s Designed to Order cable is available for both copper and fibre optic cables and includes wide varied options including armouring for rodent and termite protection, flame retardancy and fire resistance for critical applications. Options also include LSZH constructions for safety and environmental friendliness, UV stabilisation and water blocking for outdoor, underground and tunnel applications, additional strength members for high tensile and impact resistant applications, custom composite cables and pre-terminated cables.

In project work, the cable specification can be an amalgamation of a number of specifications and legislative requirements which, in many cases, can be at odds with each other. Garland can help in understanding of what is possible and what compromises might need to be made for a specific designed to order cable requirement. Garland’s MOQ’s are reasonable too.

Custom options include:

  • Over 1000 fibre cable
  • Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) cable
  • Fire rated cables to IEC 60331-25
  • Aerial ADSS cable
  • Ribbon fibre (both traditional and IBR)
  • Dry water blocked cable
  • Pre-terminated cable
  • Armoured patch cords
  • Custom enclosures

Contact your local Madison representative or distributor to obtain a custom quote.

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