Keep connecting with Madison Express

Madison Technologies Cabling and Connectivity has changed its name to Madison Express.

Why Express?
Because of fast turnaround times, responsive service and low MOQs.

As the Madison Technologies’ business has grown, we’re always on the lookout for ways to improve. Our market research showed that customers and suppliers would find it easier if each area of the business had its own brand identity. That’s why from 3rd of August 2020, the Madison Technologies Cabling & Connectivity division will be known as Madison Express.

Aside from the name, not a lot will change. Business operations will be just as stable and reliable as always. We’re still supplying great quality and competitively priced Garland, R&M and 3M specialty cabling, connectivity and associated technology products. We’re also pleased to reveal that over time our range will include a wider selection of products from the Madison Group.

We still have the same friendly, knowledgeable staff who understand your business and are committed to providing reliable solutions.

Madison Express is supported by the strength of Madison Group Enterprises, which operates a number of subsidiary company brands that develop and deliver leading connectivity products and technologies.