Work Series range of Instrumentation and control cables are now available

Madison Express is proud to announce the release of Garland’s new price-competitive Work Series range of Instrumentation and Control cables. Featuring high purity copper conductors with 90°C PVC insulation and jackets, these cables offer high quality at a competitive price. Rated to 150V, this new range is overall screened and is therefore an ideal choice for conventional relay logic or 20mA instrumentation and control  circuits in most industrial applications.
Pair sizes range from 1 pair all the way up to 50 pair in the MCP series. Triads range from 1 triad to 12 triads in the MCT series. The Work Series instrumentation and control cables range incorporates various pack sizes depending on application and cable configuration. 

Features include

  • Stranded copper conductors
  • V-90 PVC insulation
  • 5V-90 PVC jacket
  • Overall Screened
  • 0.5 mm2 and 1.5 mm2 sizes
  • Up to 50 pairs (MCP series)
  • Up to 12 triads (MCT series)